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LED Verses Incandescent and Fluorescent lighting!!!

Why is LED lighting better then old incandescent and fluorescents bulbs? LED lighting is 80% more efficient than incandescent and fluorescent lights, their life span if far more superior . LED lights have the potential life span of 50,000hr compared to incandescent bulbs at 1000hrs and fluorescent bulbs have a max lifespan of 15 000hrs. Led lighting than produces 95% of their energy into light and only 5% is wasted in heat.

Now do you really save a lot of money when switching to LED lighting? Yes here's why. In a house hold if you run an incandescent bulb for 5hrs a day for two years it will cost you $32.00 in energy costs, where a LED light ran for the same amount of time will cost you $12.00 in energy costs. Realistically you are saving a decent amount in your home, but in Commercial buildings you can save hundreds of dollars if not thousands when switching to LED on a yearly bases. This is of course dependent on the size of the office space and duration of use. On average in commercial climates LED lighting is 75% more efficient and has a lifespan 25x that of its competitors saving not only in energy costs but in maintenance costs as well. The light quality that you get from LED is superior to its competitors, whether it is a metal halide, or high pressure sodium, and LED light quality never diminishes over time.

Lastly LED lighting is the safest form of lighting at home and for your commercial space. It produces almost no heat reducing the potential of starting a fire. With LED lighting producing little to no heat you also increase the efficiency of your cooling systems at home and at your office. LED lighting has very little maintenance costs compared to its comp

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